White Penthouse

Kiev, 2014

About the project

The White Penthouse is a new residential property consisting of 303 m2 free space and structural columns. The Client requested a comfortable apartment with soothing colors and the feeling of slipping through a glass water-fall.

Nataly Bolshakova:

“We launched this project in 2013. Initially the design was planned in white. However, in line with changing trends, we decided to add a wider selection of hues and natural shades."


There is a mix of minimalism and classical elements in this project. I call this style "luxury minimalism". The availability of high-quality and precious materials such as wood, glass and marble allowed us to produce a natural interpretation of this style

Living Space

This space is divided into three functioning areas. There is a living room with home theater and Tosconova furniture, a kitchen fitted with an Ola 20 serving peninsula by the Snaidero and Pininfarina studio.


A section of the marble wall was removed and a Wall Rupture light in the form of a volcanic scoria (which emits light that changes depending on the ambient colours) by Flos Architecture was installed. Decorative lighting is supplied by Fabbian.

Home office

Italian leather furniture created by Ulivi was the dominant factor for the entire design. We used leather from the same brand to complete the wall panels, wardrobe, column caps and pilasters.

Behind the design

The longitudinal embossed texture, developed by the designer of the project became the driving force for the overall design . Lighting is provided by Contardi.

Kid chic

The bedroom is designed in classic style by Dolfi Leone. Designers of the brand have decorated furniture with glamorous skulls to find favour in the eyes of young fashionistas.

Smart House

The apartments are equipped with a "smart house" system. All engineering and functional areas, including heating, ventilation, humidification, air conditioning, lighting, audio, video surveillance system are connected to the easily controlled system.

Bathroom and accessories

Tiles by Apavisa Nanoevolution Curve, Venis and plumbing by Rexa, Duravit.

The project in figures

Area - 330 m2, 26 brands were used, completed in 11 months.

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