Drawing room blue interior


About the project

This is not a large apartment in the RC Pechersky with 64sq.m in area. A small space required the maximum of ergonomics and functionality. This format is convenient for a young family, as an apartment for business trips or for rent.


Of course, color is the most basic element of the interior! By the way, it was the customer’s wish. Thanks to him for this! The style of decoration was chosen according to the British traditions of modern interiors.

Living room

The name of the blue color is Drawing room blue. This is what the Farrow & Ball factory calls the shadows - an exclusive special in tones and their stories. It’s not so simple to choose the right overtone. Tortora, gray, dark wood + bright accents became the additional "participants" of the interior. Our preferences in stylistics are fully conveyed by products from the factories of Smania, Oasis, and light - Heathfield. There is the incredible French porcelain by Haviland, collection of Belle Epoque! This is an endless aesth

Details and Tricks

To leave a sense of common space with a smooth "flow" of zones from one to another, without doors and unnecessary walls - this is what was achieved. Doors from the floor to the ceiling visually overstate the space. It's always a beautiful decision!

Correct solution

The conditional and subtle zoning, when the closets are actually walls, allowed us to save space for air and volume. Storage areas are unconspicuous, but simply unnoticed, beautiful and quietly store things :)

Private area

A bedroom is always a special zone. It is a place of rest, restoration and personal space. Harmony, coziness and comfort are important here more than ever. An incredibly soft and pleasant fabrics of bed linen, gentle lace from LaPerla - this is what everyone need!


Modern people need a comfortable space to care for themselves. So we are already "spoiled") All the attributes for creating beauty and purity have already become a necessity. Well, no one cancels the harmony of space; to be in a beautiful place during all this procedure is also important!

Project in figures

Area - 64 sq.m 2 ,
Number of used brands - 14,
The term of the project - 1.5 months, the implementation period - 6 months.

The following brands were used in the project:
Furniture - Smania, Oasis, MD House, Twills, Lualdi
Lighting - Delightfull, Heathfield, Contardi, Foscarini, Flos
Home decoration materials - Farrow&Ball, Little green, Apavisa, Wood

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