Riviera Riverside Soft Style


About the project

The 150m2 apartments are located in the picturesque Riviera Riverside residential area. The apartments boast magnificent views from their 13 metre high French windows.


Despite the modern style of this residential estate, a warm and homely atmosphere was important for our clients. We chose Galimberti Nino, Mobilidea and Dedar wallpaper, as these brands manage to combine high tech, quality and tradition.

Complete unit

A Balance between comfort and utility meant selecting manufacturers carefully during the design process. Dining-room and vitrine were ordered from Galimberti Nino, the kitchen from the Italian brand Composit. The island with a striking set of chairs from Tom Dixon is a practical part of this area, Vistosi lamps are a conceptual detail. In other spaces we used laconic Panzeri and Linea Light lighting. The gypsum frameless modular luminaries are from the Invisible collection.

Bedroom suite

The client loves Scottish plaid, so we included accessories and curtains with a gentle plaid design in the bedroom. There is a decorative designed radiator (Heatwave Jaga) mounted on the wall. Upholstery was chosen from the Italian factory Twils.


The Bathroom was given a classic, timeless style. We used materials such as black and white natural marble from the Italian supplier Cielo Opera.


Most offices in the residential apartments are used as guest bedrooms. Our goal was not to make this fact too evident. A refined Galimberti Nino table and comfortable Softhouse sofa satisfied both purposes of the premises.

Guest bathroom

Functional solutions are very important in the context of a small space. In this case, a compact system by Hatria G-Full – a settee with built-in plumbing fixtures was an ideal option.

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