River Apartment

Kiev, 2014

About the project

The apartments are 150 m2. The planning of the project was proposed by LCD Riviera Riverside architects. Spectacular panoramic views of the river from large windows in the apartments give them a unique appeal.


The residential complex is located in the city, however, there is a feeling that you are actually in a country house. We decided to combine elements of the environment outside with the internal design of the apartments, so the interior is designed in an eco-style with eco-friendly materials in natural shades.


For partitioning we used transparent glass by Henri Glass to keep the space free and light. To achieve this, the kitchen evolved into a separate room, although it is a part of the studio interior. The wardrobe constructed from dark wood in the lobby epitomizes the 2-in-1 concept: it is a place of storage, and also the home mini-bar.


Architectural lighting from Viabizzuno was the choice here. Candelabras from this brand can be easily installed on plasterboard surfaces, they can be painted in the colour of the walls or decorated with wallpaper, blending in beautifully with the interior

Office Space

We tried to leave maximum free space for a work-room. The office area is free from prying eyes behind the sliding glossy panels, which were specially ordered. The table with leather trim from the Chic collection by Smania is highlighted by a spotlight. Any product from this manufacturer of luxury furniture is so stand alone elegant, it does not need additional decor.

Master bedroom

There are natural shades in this area as well. The calm tones of the coverings are intentionally relaxing. However, the room does not look static, because the architectural techniques involved in its construction make it an extraordinary space.


The bedroom is furnished and decorated by SMA Domino Plus. Its sleek blends are in tune with the architectural ceiling and "soften" protruding fragments from the walls. An interesting feature is that pedestals and chiffoniers in this model fold in a “domino effect”, so sections can be increased and decreased.


After seeing the Metropolitan bathroom collection by Villeroy & Boch in black we made an instant decision. There was no doubt as to what to use as the basis of the design, and how the furnishment of the bathroom would develop.

B/W style

It’s well known that contrasting colors, such as black and white always are a safe choice. The interior looks simple and stylish. A proportion of 70% lighter colours to 30% darker was maintained so as to keep the room nice and light.

Project in figures

Area - 150 m2, the amount of brands - 14, realized in 8 months.

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